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SAFETY SIMPLIFIED our commitment to a better, brighter and safer tomorrow. 

We can make the world a better place, ‘We’ is where it starts.


Zero Hazard. Zero Risk. Zero Harm. 

At Zero Industries, we ensure your people are safe from the dangers of Hazardous Areas, and your business is free from the resource stranglehold of compliance. 

With a multidisciplinary approach, we design environmentally-responsible strategies that make high-risk workplaces safer. We understand Explosive Atmospheres and the unique set of hazards they present. We simplify the complex compliance process with a full range of solutions for any business operating a Hazardous Area.

We believe our people are our greatest assets. We nurture their growth and development while encouraging the reskilling of professionals in our industry. Our specialised training provides a platform for innovators and problem-solvers alike to immerse themselves in the latest compliant requirements, workflows and technical solutions. 

We are creating a world where working in a Hazardous Area is ‘just another day at the office’. Empowering everyday people to build meaningful solutions that benefit their local ecosystems as well as humanity at large. 

Zero Hazard. Zero Risk. Zero Harm. 
That’s Safety Simplified. That’s Zero Industries.





“When you feel safe and supported in your actions,

you are free to change the world.” 

- Travis Stewart | Founder, Zero Industries

Founder Letter

I started Zero Industries because I wanted change. Change in the way we approached hazardous work. Change in the way organisations supported workers. Change in the way we thought and acted towards our planet. 


After years in the private and public sectors, I felt that compliance had become so complex that many organisations were paralysed either by, confusion or fear of repercussions. This inability to take action led to many very-avoidable tragedies.


People’s lives had enough stress without the added burden of compliance. We needed a way to make safety simpler. With my skill and experience, I realised that I could support this journey by helping others navigate the world of Hazardous Area compliance, safely. 


It’s important to remember that behind every process, there is a person. Someone who shows up every day and gives their best. In business it’s easy to miss the individuals behind the numbers; hard working Australians who do the dangerous jobs that drive the profits.


Only when we recognise that can our world progress. The idea of only thinking ‘business-to-business’ is outdated. To continue to prosper in an ever more-connected world, today’s leaders need to think person-to-person. 


Zero Industries is for the people. Everything we do is to keep them safe at their workplaces and supported within their organisations. 

Safety Simplified is our promise, and in my belief, the first step toward a world with zero risks, zero hazards and zero harm.   


 - Travis Stewart | Founder, Zero Industries


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